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Dropping with a “W” – Spring 2019
FRIDAY, APRIL 12 is the LAST DAY TO DROP one class or 4 credits with a “W.” This means you could drop HEBR 112 (6 credits, but one class) or ENGL 212 and KNES 155N (4 credits, but two classes).
WHAT IF I NEED TO DROP MORE THAN 4 CREDITS? If extenuating circumstances are causing difficulty with your academics, please contact me because there is help available on campus, and academic procedures to be followed, should you need assistance handling the academic consequences of a personal situation.  It is better to “strategize” now, while you have options, than to wait and do nothing, hoping the situation will “right” itself.
WHAT IF I AM RECEIVING FINANCIAL AID?  Check with your Financial Aid counselor in the Lee Building NOW if dropping a course would put you below 12 credits.  Most aid programs allow this provided you began the semester with 12 or more credits, but there may be a few that do not – and it can be expen$ive to make an incorrect assumption.