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Summer Class in Landscape Architecture

This summer course can count as an equivalent to ENST 281 (EcoTech Concentration Depth - Design or any other ENST concentration's elective).

Geography Summer Courses 2019


Federal Fellows Program

Federal Fellows is a year-long program designed to equip University of Maryland undergraduate students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience necessary to become leaders in public service sector.

The program combines a fall seminar course taught by industry experts with professional development workshops, one-on-one resume and interview reviews, and federally-related events throughout the year. The program's mission: to prepare talented, diverse undergraduate students to excel in professional internships and pursue careers of influence and impact, especially in the public service sector.


A three-credit fall seminar, based in domestic policy is designed particularly for Federal Fellows participants.
A spring internship in a foreign embassy office, federal agency, international organization, or multinational corporation. The internship credits vary from 3 to 9 credits, as appropriate for each student. Students are responsible for securing their internships; that …

UMD Global Fellows Internship Program